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Rebecca & Scott // Apton Hall Wedding Photographer

'Love is in the air.... and also a bucket load of confetti!'

This was one of our favourite shots from Rebecca & Scott's wedding on the 22nd March 2020 at Apton Hall in Essex.

We had such a laugh with these guys and both of them couldn't stop smiling all day.

Which you know full well is the sign of a truly happy, content, loved up person right?

We love getting to see 2 people who absolutely adore the pants off each other (we're guessing anyway, as we don't stick around to take photos of that bit!!) make that lifelong bond with each other and commit themselves together for life.

It's honestly one of the many, many perks of our job.

The day started off pretty much like most wedding days. Rebecca was getting ready in the bridal suite with her girls whilst laughing about old memories and looking forward to the day. Scott arrived with his boys in style, to finish getting ready and have a pre-wedding, nerve calming beer... or 2! The venue staff were applying some last minute finishing touches to make sure everything was perfect and ready for the day ahead.

We love working at Apton Hall, the layout of the venue, the staff who work there, the food is all amazing!! They always have everything under control and it makes a photographers job that much easier. (P.S. we weren't paid to say that haha, we honestly just do love the venue)

The ceremony was perfect, with just the right amount of laughter and tears.

Being February we then decided to get some relaxed portraits and group photos out the way whilst the weather was clear so we could then get on with having fun for the rest of the day.

Which is exactly what we did. Drink was flowing, people were mingling and laughing.

After the speeches Rebecca even got up on a table and sang a song for Scott haha! Much to his.... we'll go with amusement!

We stayed for some of the party, and as we usually do, finished with one last goodbye photo of the couple. This let's us take them off to one side for a second, away from everyone else, congratulate them and give them a great big hug goodbye. That's basically how we like our wedding days to play out so for us this was a good one :)

Anyway, here's some of our favourite images from the day below....


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